The Vagina Adventures

The Week In Kink (WinK#23)

Date March 8, 2009



via Chagrin

Another week  has come to a close and with it some of your favorite links from blogland.  The WinK list seems to grow each week with the submissions I am getting along with the ones I chose to include.  Thanks to everyone who sends them to me and if you haven’t participated yet feel free to join in.

Smut & Steff

  • Are You Askin’ or Telling’?


  • Beyond Denial and Discomfort

The Vagina Adventures

Porn For Women, By Women

  • 20 Questions with Jiz Lee

Waking Vixen

  • Sex Positivity Includes Negative Experiences

Sugarbutch Chronicles

  • A Resplendent Image


  • Driving Home

Urban Gypsy

  • Cleavage of the Day - A Brief Return of my Tits

This Could Be Dangerous…….

  • HNT: Office Flashing

Arousal of the Minx

  • HNT In A Trenchcoat

Figlife’s Real Adult Sex

  • HNT - Mile High

Thursday’s Child has far to go……

  • Classic black stiletto HNT

Marky D. Sade

  • Lochai Ties Up 19 year old Bondage Model Sarah on Hogtied

Desk Full of Dildos

  • Weird Sex Toys O’ The Week

The Uncommon Whore

  • You Tasted Like Summer


  • Nap Time

Bad Bad Girl

  • When Friends Fuck

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